Let’s go to school, to study sustainable development

The next school year could begin, in Italy, with a new subject of study: climate change and sustainable development. According to the announcement of the Minister of Education Lorenzo Fioramonti, new school year will be enriched with a very current and urgent subject, that analyses all the issues related to climate change.

This is an absolute, innovative proposal, not only in Europe, but worldwide.

Italy would be the first reality in which the study of sustainable development becomes a compulsory subject at school, comparable to Italian, Maths and Geography.

Not just a new subject, with 33 hours for year, but a wider perspective and a more conscious way to look also to the traditional subjects, reinterpreting them in perspective of sustainable development. 

Maybe the hours planned might seem not enough, but we should never underestimate the enthusiasm and abilities of the students, who will be actors of this “green revolution”, even outside the school.

The introduction of the subject at school will also enable young people to develop immediately greater awareness of the problems of global warming, climate change and environmental sustainability. In this way, they will have the tools to understand completely the causes of the present planetary situation and to understand how to take action to protect and preserve precious Mother Earth.

Would it be good also for us to go back to school to study this new subject?!

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