certify your conscious system
Management System
certify the environmental commitment of your company in a monitored reduction process of single-use plastics, towards the total elimination throughout the production chain, including packagings and suppliers.
The certification processes are structured in 5 grades that ensure the applicability of the Standard for everyone.

Every company is responsible
for ensuring business processes oriented to sustainability. How can you help to achieve the 2030 Agenda goals?

Plastic Free Certification takes part in the activities of ASviS as an associate.
We are proud of our commitment to the sustainable development.
How does it work?
Disposable plastic is increasingly present in our lives and we often do not even realize it anymore.
To eliminate single use plastic it is necessary a careful analysis of the business processes of production, purchase and sale.
Plastic Assessment is the tool that PFC has designed to support your company in the analysis of plastic disposables and of possible alternatives.
By filling out the Plastic Assessment, the company is able to identify all kinds of disposable plastic by volumes, types and provenance.
Then it can define a strategic, rapid and applicable plastic reduction plan for the current year.
With the Plastic Reduction Plan the company will be able to define the priority actions and the timing of implementation.
Now the company is ready to put into practice what has been analysed and in the previous steps.
The company is ready to carry out the actions defined in the plastic reduction plan.
The Plastic Reduction Plan phase will allow the company to enjoy the tangible benefits resulting from the reduction/elimination of plastic disposable.
The same company identifies its own Key Performance Indicators
KPIs provide an immediate feedback about the results already achieved and the targets still to be achieved 
KPIs are essential tools to monitor the performance of the company and the degree of compliance with the Plastic Free Standard
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The auditor verifies the completion of the monitoring files and the application of the Plastic Free Standard
The Certification Committee analyzes the auditor’s report and assigns one of the 5 compliance grades of the Standard
The company can finally communicate its commitment plastic free through the Plastic Free Certification.

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with our certification you calculate the CO2 saved

thanks to the collaboration with the University of L'Aquila
it is now possible to calculate how many kg of CO2 equivalent can be saved by applying the certification procedure of Plastic Free Certification
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