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Control Union UK

Control Union (UK) offers a wide spectrum of independent services in the UK and globally including auditing, certification, inspections, chain of custody assessments, sustainability solutions and food safety training.


Écotable supports the stakeholders in the catering sector in their ecological transition. On its sustainable catering platform, Impact, it offers several tools to enable catering professionals to measure and progress in their ecological approach. Écotable also has a label which identifies eco-responsible restaurants throughout France.

AD Solutions

AD Solutions is a consultancy and communications services company specializing in sustainable tourism.

University of L'Aquila

The University of L'Aquila is an Italian state university, the oldest in Abruzzo and with the origins among the oldest in the world, having been founded in 1596.

EAMD International

EAMD INTERNATIONAL advice, design and delicate your business in developing, obtaining, maintaining, enhancing, and optimizing any management system you require.

Institute of Global Sustainability Certification

With the corporate philosophy of creating a sustainable society through sustainable certification, IGSC operates various sustainable certification schemes to help companies and organizations.


Le Sommer Environnement

The 100% renewable scenario, based on autarkic power supply and realistic technical potential, is based on the following distribution at national level.


zeroCO2 is your partner for sustainable projects with social and environmental impact, for companies and private individuals. Find out how we can help you.

Rythms by Design


Ottima Trento

They help business become a sustainable organization, in a simple and accessible way, with an integrated approach, for a sustainable future.


Since more than 10 years, Ekoe has two social missions: to replace the consumption of inorganic disposable plastic by proposing ecological alternatives and to encourage the wider involvement of workers, users and people.


Komposta aims to reduce the environmental impact related to the disposal of organic waste and promotes their transformation into a fertile soil, through the use of selected composters for every need.

Chefs Agency

Chefs Agency works with chefs, some of the most respected sommeliers worldwide and with some of the best in the drinks’ segment as well as bartending.


ASviS was born on February 2016 to raise awareness about the importance of Agenda 2030 for sustainable development and to mobilize for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Block Start

The Blockchain Partnership Program supports start-ups and small businesses in the development and adoption of block chain solutions. PFC was selected as an SME adopter to collaborate on the project.

Sustainable Tour - DAN

Plastic Free Certification is the official partner of the DAN EUROPE Sustainable Tour.


Since 2016, B2Lab aims to provide digital solutions that are Sustainable, Safe and Economic.
B2lab’s Blockchain services are such as a "Factory of Trust" for ecosystems B2Lab is happy to be part of, to build innovative and conscious solutions.

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with our certification you calculate the CO2 saved

thanks to the collaboration with the University of L'Aquila
it is now possible to calculate how many kg of CO2 equivalent can be saved by applying the certification procedure of Plastic Free Certification
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