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Rethink, renew and rebalance the unnatural conditions of the production processes of your business.

A global tool aimed at companies that want to reduce CO2 emissions and inorganic plastic pollution.

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Testify and Innature yourself.

The problem with plastic

Most of plastic we daily use isn't totally biodegradable or compostable.

It means that it doesn't rot, like paper or food, hanging around in the environment for hundreds of years. 

Each year, 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced and 40% of that is single-use plastic, that we'll only use once before we trash it.


Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water. 



Trees are the pillars of the world, when the last trees have been cut down, the sky will fall upon us.



We live not, in reality, on the summit of a solid earth but at the bottom of an ocean of air.



Even the greatest fire always turns to ash.

(old saying)

Why Plastic Free Certification?

PlastiFreeCertification believes in the opportunity and the urgency for human beings to be more conscious about their key role in the enviromental protection.
Human are the only ones responsible for the current dramatic pollution situation, but they also have in their own hands the responsibility and the opportunity to make up for the mistakes of the past and to implement effective strategies of environmental protection and sustainability.


To take care of the processes of choice, consumption and disposal of products, without neglecting the necessity of Humans and Planet to act synergically.


To meet current needs safeguarding the right of future generations to have and implement the necessary instruments to ensure the satisfaction of their needs, in harmony with nature.


To be aware of our own freedom to choose and to act ethically, taking care, through our own actions, not only of ourselves but also of the others.

The certification process

The certification process is based on four simple steps.

Plastic assessment

The plastic used in the organization

Key Performance Indicators

Identification by the organization of KPI

reduction plan

Reduction planning of non-conforming plastic

Plan deployment

Application plastic reduction plan

Team and resources

PlasticFreeCertification resources are just its people, who have consciously chosen to promote actions aimed at the protection of the planet, putting in place their passion and competence.

Conscious Training

The strength of Plastic Free Certification training, inspired by Agile Model, is the ability to adapt exactly to every type of company, ensuring efficiency and flexibility.


Aware of the value of the Plastic Free Standard, auditors ensure impartiality and fairness to the companies, to protect both themselves and PlasticFreeCertification.
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