Art di Daniele Sperindio

Restaurant - Singapore


43 Carpenter Street, 04-01


Certification in progress

"If we really want to affect change, it is time that restaurants stop with this continuous green washing propaganda, with alleged zero waste and minimum real impact. The question that we asked ourselves was "where are we negatively impacting the most?" and one of the possible answers was, plastic. An average restaurant uses kilometers of clingfilm per month, among many other single use plastics, so that's were we will start, we will become plastic-free certified, and this is only the beginning."

Chef Daniele Sperindio

con la nostra certificazione puoi calcolare la CO2 risparmiata

Grazie all'Università dell'Aquila è possibile conoscere quanti kg di CO2 equivalenti si risparmiano applicando la procedura di certificazione di Plastic Free Certification.
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