La Butte

Ristorante - Hotel
Plouider - Francia


Valid until 19/07/2023

"Working with nature at the forefront of my mind is to be true to myself. At La Butte we have a permaculture vegetable garden, a bioclimatic greenhouse and beehives. We showcase our producers (fishermen, market gardeners, farmers) and our local artisans (plates made from salvaged wood, glasses made from abalone shells, linen and organic cotton uniforms) and we instruct our teams in eco-responsibility."

Chef Nicolas Conraux

con la nostra certificazione puoi calcolare la CO2 risparmiata

Grazie all'Università dell'Aquila è possibile conoscere quanti kg di CO2 equivalenti si risparmiano applicando la procedura di certificazione di Plastic Free Certification.
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