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Our meeting with Joan Antoni Melé

by Laura Lo Presti

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"You can't miss Wednesday, we will have the conference with Joan Antoni Melé and in that occasion, we will also present our plastic free certification". A moment to hesitate, the quick recourse to the good dear google and immediately we realize the importance of the proposal received by Mirazur restaurant: Mr. Melè is a teacher and trainer, member of Triodos bank’s board, as well as promoter of the ethical bank in Latin America.

The short notice allows only one of us to be there, it’s me to go, for the fortunate evidence that I am logistically, the closest. The conference starts mid-morning, in the bright lounge looking at the French sea, filled with the guys that make up the staff of the restaurant hosting us, together with TV and press.

In his generous lesson which lasts more than one hour, JA Melè talks about the mission of the economy which should be to recognize dignity for everyone, to change the concept of price in value, but also about today's society discomforts due to the separation between the material world of science with its too reductionist responses and the sensorial-spiritual world of the faith that become a dogma. 

A lesson with food for sociology, a profound reflection on the meaning of life which according to the speaker is to convert human skills into opportunities, through business as a path of self-realization based on everyone's talents, educating children to diversity. Unlike animals, our life cannot be just a struggle for survival. 

Ethical bank is an institution studied by Harvard, initially mocked as an idea impossible to implement. But yet it exists, it expands by keeping firm the founding concepts and once the customers ask "what do you do with my money?" (a question that we don't ask frequently enough), Ethical bank is happy to demonstrate that any unethical investment is excluded. Unlike most banking institutions around the world. 

> Mr. Melè, what is the goal of life? 

Having time to be yourself and create new relationships for a revolution of our consciousness. Money is the freedom to exchange and satisfy needs, but without human relationships, they have no value. Try to find yourself full of money on a desert island ... 

The conference is over, we are enthusiastic. I get excited about JA Melè.

I take the courage to ask him: would you like to be the testimonial of our start-up "Plastic Free Certification?" - I hear myself answer: "Of course! Even if you hadn't asked me, I would have talked about your certification during all my next conferences because you are doing an essential work of knowledge for the planet.

"As proof of the fact that it was not just a dream, the picture where we formalize the deal between us: ethical finance and ecological awareness, for a more responsible future.

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